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woot woot pokedro!
Fri Sep 13, 2013, 9:59 AM
You're an amazing artist!
Thu Sep 5, 2013, 5:11 PM
Your fakemon are so awesome!
Sun Aug 11, 2013, 6:00 AM


May 21, 2015
1:53 pm
May 21, 2015
8:02 am
May 20, 2015
10:47 am
May 20, 2015
7:10 am
May 18, 2015
9:42 pm



i wanna be a cat in my next life, being a human sucks ass
Zingaree by Pokedro
Gypsy Pokemon
Ability: ???/???
-Zingaree are one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Ghalia region and one of the most intelligent in the world. To be able to evolve Gypsee into Zingaree you must have Gardevoir and Gothitelle in your team. Known as the 3 witches they once protected Ghalia and kept it a human free zone. Together their power can match or even surpass legendaries.
Auree > Gypsee > Zingaree
Gypsee by Pokedro
Gypsy Pokemon
Ability: ???/???
-Gypsee are free spirited Pokemon, if caught they will most likely not obey until you earn it's trust. It can foresee disasters hours before they happen and even death. 
Auree > Gypsee > Zingaree
Neptuni by Pokedro
Galloping Pokemon
Ability: Torrent
-During medieval times families all across Ghalia owned a Neptuni however they're now a very rare Pokemon, only the wealthiest tend to own them. they prefer to gallop across water, instead of swimming. 


    Please make sure you vote for artists that have uploaded in the past year and are currently active.
    For now those artists who haven't uploaded recently will be moved to another, new category:
    Golden Oldies (still working on a better name)

    A new category will be added for Best Spriters, Best Mappers and Inspirational People.
    Please remember to vote for artists who's art is relevant to the category!
    This isn't a popularity contest, remember to check out the artists nominated!
    (The results will be updated as soon as i can, and all votes will be counted, if you see something that isn't right, or you want me to change please just comment on what I should change, as it's just me working on this) 

    The Oscars are fast approaching us and I couldn't be more exited!

    Then I wondered.. What if the Fakemon Community had it's own version of the Oscars? To celebrate the best artists and artwork of the past year!
    This is still just an idea, but I think it's something fun we should do as a community!

    If you like this idea, here is the list of the categories. Simply nominate as many artists for each category (please do not nominate yourself votes won't be counted)
    The top 5 artists/artwork most nominated will then battle it out in a public vote to win in their respective category. You can also specify which artwork you're nominating not just the artist!

    Best Fakemon nominees: 

    :iconsteveo126:(x7) :iconluisbrain:(x6) :iconmymarshlands:(x2) :iconzerudez:(x7) :iconnachtbeirmann:(x8) :icontwime777: :iconcoonae: :iconfrozen-echo: :icondoran-dragon:(x2) :iconcerulebell: :icondaybreakm: :iconfakemaket: :iconharikenn: :iconwatertrainer:

    Best Digital Designer nominees: 

    :iconzerudez:(x13) :iconsteveo126:(x6) :iconcat-meff:(x4) :iconpokedro: :icondragonith:(x4) :iconnachtbeirmann:(x4) :iconluisbrain: :iconcrisfarias:(x3) :icontomycase:(x3) :icondaybreakm:(x3) :iconfuzzball288: :iconzermonious: :iconsorbetskies:

     Best Traditional Designer nominees: 

    :icongrey-wingedblitz:(x8) :iconfrozenfeather:(x15) :iconrazorshell:(x5) :iconcoonae:(x4) :icongastrodons: :icongluuumi:(x2) :iconclaudiamore:

    Best Concepts nominees: 

    :iconzerudez:(x3) :icont-reqs: :iconnachtbeirmann:(x11) :iconlucas-costa:(x3) :iconmymarshlands:(x2) :iconsteveo126:(x4) :icontorqupine:(x3) :iconrazorshell:(x2) :icondoran-dragon:(x3) :icondaybreakm::iconnozakiruisu: :icondragonith: :iconacidpat: :iconvermantua: :iconawesposs: :iconkakity: :iconfrozenfeather: :iconluisbrain: :iconslickedbackartisan: :iconzerudez: :iconsmiley-fakemon: :iconeventhorizontal:

    Best Artwork Style nominees: 

    :iconawesposs:(x5) :iconharikenn:(x5) :iconmegarezfan:(x2) :iconraiphen: :iconzerudez:(x4) :iconpokedro: :iconmiztersiah: :iconnachtbeirmann:(x2) :iconrazorshell:(x4) :iconhourglasshero: :iconfer-gon:(x2) :icontorqupine:(x5) :iconluisbrain: :iconbobertbra: :icongregandrade:(x3) :iconawesposs: :icongastrodons: :iconacidpat: :iconpaprik-a: :iconjof410: :iconsorbetskies: :iconcrisfarias: :iconfauxlens: :iconsteveo126: :iconeventhorizontal: :iconzephleit:(x2)

    Best Region nominees: 

    :iconluisbrain:(x7) :icondaybreakm:(x10) :iconleafyheart: :iconnachtbeirmann:(x3) :iconcerulebell:(x4) :iconzerudez: :iconkyle-dove:(x2) :iconheavy-metal-lover: :icongregandrade: :iconhourglasshero:

    Best Starter Fakemon nominees: 

    :iconzerudez:(x10) :iconluisbrain:(x7) :icondaybreakm:(x4) :iconlucas-costa:(x5) :icongeoisevil:(x2) :iconfakemonplanet:(x2) :iconnachtbeirmann:(x2) :iconsteveo126:(x2) :iconfuzzball288:(x2) :iconsteffenka: :iconzombiehunter: :iconarcanemagikarp: :icondogmango:

    Best Legendary Fakemon nominees: 

    :icongregandrade:(x7) :iconzerudez:(x5) :iconluisbrain:(x5) :iconnachtbeirmann:(x4) :icondaybreakm: :iconkyle-dove: :iconcoonae:(x2) :iconjof410: :iconwatertrainer:

    Best Characters nominees: 

    :iconnachtbeirmann:(x8) :iconnyjee:(x10) :iconhourglasshero:(x2) :iconmegarezfan:(x4) :iconmidnitez-remix: :icontorqupine:(x4) :iconcoonae: :iconsmiley-fakemon: :iconskydrew: :iconbobertbra: :iconzerudez:

    Best Spriters nominees: 

    :iconmymarshlands:(x3) :iconn-kin: :iconsiraquakip:(x2) :iconsupahsanti: :iconkyle-dove:(x4) :iconpkmn-dusk-red: :iconthecrazyparodycow: :icontnguye3: :iconwatertrainer:

    Best mapper nominees: 

    :iconheavy-metal-lover: :iconperplex123:

    Golden Oldies: 

    :iconhu-gon-by:(x5) :iconzephleit:(x2) :iconlydario:(x5) :iconbrightobject: :icontotem13:

    Inspirational People nominees: 

    :iconlydario: :iconbrightobject: :iconfauxlens: :iconfrozenfeather: :iconkyle-dove: :iconawesposs: :iconzephleit:

    Upcoming Artists nominees: 

    :iconawesposs:(x14) :icondracarrion:(x4) :iconkirakinn:(x4) :iconsteffenka:(x4) :iconchrisj-alejo: :iconrazorshell: :icont-reqs: :icontsunfished: :icongastrodons: :iconinfawno:(x2) :iconko-mono: :iconestevaopb: :iconterrytibke: :icondoran-dragon:(x2) :iconkakity: :iconfer-gon: :iconzestycactus: :iconeventhorizontal: :icondeco-kun: :iconmiztersiah: :iconzosai: :iconsteve14141: :iconfakemaket: :iconthezombiehunter: :icondogmango:

    This is just a bit of fun nothing more.. No one will actually win anything but it's a good way for people to discover new artists and to give artworks a boost!
    So why not!? Feel free to comment on categories you think I should add!

    Thank You


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